Features of QuickSkills

Course Designer

I need a course Fast!
In Game Designer you can create a basic employee training course in under an hour. An indepth onboarding course takes around 2 hours to create. All courses are based upon trainee responses to non-linear scenarios. That means, courses are interactive and progress based upon the trainee’s answers. Drag and drop the questions into the game designer, and connect them besed upon trainee responses. No longer do you need weeks, but just hours to create a custom onboarding course.
Ready-made templates for courses
We’ve created ready-made templates to make your life easier! 
No longer do LMS course designers need to spend hours creating images for their courses. Creating buttons, text fields and pasting pictures is a thing of the past. With Quickskills it’s as easy as choosing a ready-made template, characters then inserting text and/or video. Voila -- your course is ready!
Libraries of backgrounds and characters
Tired of spending hours searching for pictures to design a course?
We provide ready-made picture libraries for course design. Learning with Quickskills is based on interactive communication, and we use ready-made backgrounds and characters. Design your course library and store images. And, of course, standard libraries are completely free.
Unlimited creativity
Creativity ignites success!
The course designer gives you endless room for creativity. Combining different blocks and a non-linear scenario, you can easily create interactive and adaptive courses, games and tests.
Create interactive videos

Even Hollywood doesn't have our technology!
QuickSkills supports the next generation of video- interactive video! It's as if you were asked when watching a movie, ‘What would you like to happen next?’ Yes! Interactive educational videos and games are now a reality, and fully available to you for employee training!
Interactive no-stress testing
Tests have a reputation for being boring and stressful. At Quickskills our goal is to change that. 
We’ve designed assessments to be conducted through game personages. You can even maintain trainee interest via characters which tell jokes or stories during assessments. No longer is testing a chore, but an interactive learning game. Your employees will find this so much better than employees falling asleep answering question 151!
Points and emotions

The game is what keeps life interesting! In real life interactions with others, it’s difficult to know whether you’re going in the right direction. That’s why we’ve developed interactive training games to provide trainees with immediate feedback. As courses progress, trainees gain points and experience the emotions of game personas. Using our interactive eLearning technology, employees learn how to communicate ideally with customers, clients and co-workers.
Assignment of games, tests and courses
You have an interest in helping your employees achieve their best. But not everyone learns the same way or develops at the same pace. That’s why we created multiple training formats, to suit the diverse learning needs of your team. Your most independent employees will appreciate the efficiency of Quickskills’ self-learning mode modules. New employees will appreciate in-depth guided courses. You can coordinate group or individual courses, set deadlines and limit pass attempts. Courses can remain open, so that employees can take, retake and review training material as often as they wish.
Results and Progress

Supervise without surveilling!
Employees resent being surveilled and micromanaged. That’s why Quickskills makes it easy for both employers and employees to view training results and progress transparently! Simply enter the dashboard for QS training, where employee training results are visible. Detailed data reports of employee results and progress can be downloaded to EXCEL for the convenience of both employers and their employees. We make your employees part of building their own success.
Your company's product base
Want your people to achieve higher sales?
Create training courses based around your company’s product base and typical/atypical customer scenarios. Train your team how to professionally sell company products or services in a variety of situations. Quickskills is a fun and effective way to maximize your team’s job skills and professional capabilities.
Train your team with a simple and quick LMS