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QuickSkills simulation game

A simple tool
for online learning

Train newcomers and employees by creating incredible business simulation game courses!
What is QuickSkills?
QuickSkills is a simulation game that allows you to quickly and easily create fun learning courses. With it, you can recreate the cases of your company in a game format. A feature of QuickSkills is the simplicity, convenience and affordability of creating games.
Benefits for Human Resources Managers

  • The most effective way to train sales managers and call center operators
  • Simple and easy development.
  • Game developed based on cases from your business.
  • A large number of backgrounds and characters to choose from.
  • Work in groups or alone on a course or game.
Benefits for learners:

  • Involved and entertaining learning experience.
  • Development of specific skills.
  • Competitions with colleagues.
  • Interesting dialog-based tests.
  • Review and analysis of mistakes at the end of the course.
  • The option to learn on a computer or mobile phone.
      Advantages of QuickSkills
      Design your comapny's games using the principle of response-based narrative. You create the dialogs and plots, while the game continues based on the player's responses.
      This tool is ideal for practicing sales techniques, staffing, skillsdevelopment, conflict resolution, testing and any other learning which contains an interactive case.
      In the simulator, it is possible to assign an individual background and character to a separate dialogue stage. Use the built-in library of backgrounds and characters or upload your files to create even more attractive games.
      Employees pass the game by correctly responding to the game's questions and plots. As they play, employees see the character's reaction to their chosen answers. The number of points rewarded for a question depends on the accuracy of the employee's answer. After passing the game, the employee sees the results and a detailed analysis of the answers, along with points earned and explanations.
      An important element of the simulator is a goods and services catalogue. The learners develop their skills by selling your company's products to virtual clients. You can customize this feature by adding goods and services to the game, including their description, cost and photos.
      QuickSkills работает на всех экранах, включая мобильные телефоны, планшеты, ноутбуки и настольные компьютеры. Ваши сотрудники могут обучаться где им нравиться. В скором времени появятся приложения и мобильное обучение будет еще удобнее.
      What types of materials can be used?
      Dialogue with a character
      This block will allow you to create situational dialogs. To create it, just select the background, character and enter replicas. Each answer can build its own branch of passing the game.
      Text, PDF
      If you want to teach theoretical material or some kind of instruction, do it using the editor. Insert text, pictures, videos or documents in PDF format.
      Video format
      With this block you can place a video clip. After viewing, offer the learner a test or options for further passing. It is also possible to create non-linear movies using video clips.
      Areas of use
      Sales techniques
      Train your company's sales practices. Focus the attention of your employees on the main features, conduct an analysis of behavior in typical or non-standard situations during the sales process.
      Skills development
      Create games for practicing and developing the skills of your employees: decisions making, negotiating, leadership and more! With the help of the QuickSkills simulator your opportunities will only grow.
      Conflict resolution
      Show your employees what conflicts are possible and how to get out of them. Create conflict-related learning situations. After training, they will be able to deal with such situations in life.
      Knowledge testing
      Turn boring testing into interesting games. By using the simulation game you can ginger up the submission of questions or develop entire case studies.
      Product Learning
      Teach employees the product range, show in which situations your product is suitable, how to sell it correctly. Remember that product knowledge is critical to sales success.
      Any case of your company
      Use the simulation game as a "knowledge base" of the company, since real examples can be analysed in a game form, and the level of effective behavior of employees will increase significantly.
      Quickskills Company - $99 / month
      It includes all the functions of creating content, user management, an unlimited number of games and courses, an unlimited number of users and no fees for increasing the user base.
      Unlimited games and courses
      Unlimited users
      50 GB of storage
      Advanced Reports
      Manage users and appointments
      Simple constructor for creating content
      Also we have …
      Quickskills Free - $0 / month
      Suitable for small teams, coaches and start
      Unlimited games and courses
      10 users
      1 GB of storage
      See how QuickSkills can supercharge your learning programs for employees, partners, and customers.
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