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Features of QuickSkills

We help to develop young architectural companies and teams that innovate cities planning.
Course Designer
How to create a course not quickly, but very quickly?
In Designer, create a course very quickly using non-linear scenarios. Use ready-made components and connect with the mouse to create a course. It will take hours, not weeks, to create a course in the Designer.
Ready-made templates
Want to use ready-made templates so you don't have to draw this button every time?

You no longer need to create a visual image of the course. Creating buttons, text fields, and pasting pictures is a thing of the past. We've made ready-made templates, choose a background, character, insert text or video and, voila! Course is ready!
Libraries of backgrounds and characters
Tired of spending hours looking for pictures for the course?

We use ready-made picture libraries for the course. Teaching in Quickskills is based on communication, we use ready-made backgrounds and characters. Complete the library with your images. And, of course, standard libraries are completely free.
A tool for creative people
Creativity is what ignites people!

The course designer gives you endless room for creativity course mining different blocks and a non-linear scenario, you can easily create interactive and adaptive courses, games, tests.
Creation of interactive video movies
Even Hollywood doesn't have that technology!

As you know. QuickSkills supports video. Video can be interactive. It's as if you were asked when watching a movie: What would you like to happen next? Yes! It's a real educational, interactive video or game.
Interactive testing
Will you say there's nothing duller than tests?

Do you remember when you took the test to know something? It was depressing and boring, wasn't it? It's much more interesting when you're tested on a personage. He can even joke or tell a story so you don't fall asleep answering question 151. Your staff would agree with that, too.
Points and emotions
The game is what makes life interesting. 
Each of us has a purpose and we go to it. It would also be good to understand that in the process we are going in the right direction. The QuickSkills courses are even better than in life! During the course, the trainee gains points and even sees the emotions of the trainer.
Assignment of games, tests, and courses
Two training formats.

We are sure that most of the employees in your company are ready to learn to be more productive. We have created a self-learning mode for them. These are open courses and games that they can take as they wish. Arrange a course for the rest of your employees, set deadlines, and a number of attempts to pass. 
Do you like to control?
When you enter the control for QS training, you are met by a dashboard. To quickly understand who and when was trained. If you need more detailed data, our system has reports that can also be downloaded Excel.
Your company's product base
How do you test your sellers' knowledge of products?
One of the features of Quciskskills is to create a product base for the company. Create a customer case and check if the product will be offered by the seller you would like to offer?
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