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Your salespeople are the strongest link between your clients and your business. For your customers to feel confident entrusting their business to your company, they must first like and trust your salespeople.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, consumers are flooded with goods and services of equally high quality. It’s no longer enough to have the best product. What will set your company apart from the crowd are the skills of your salespeople, and the relationships they forge with your clients.

Your company invests in market research and product development. You study consumer behaviour, process vast amounts of data, scan data for regularities, conduct analyses of unique insights and institute recommendations from marketing professionals. But are your salespeople up to par? Their skills will make or break your company’s success.

Your team is composed of individuals, each playing a necessary role in making your business a success. Businesses owners are responsible for ensuring that their teams know the company’s strategic plans, understand which roles they play therein, are on board with your corporate values and principles, and receive continuous education and sales training. Qualitative staff training will maximize your company’s ability to achieve all these goals. Whether your company is an industry veteran or newcomer, the success of your company ultimately depends upon the knowledge and skill of your salespeople.

Companies have two fundamental learning objectives when it comes to staff education. First, new team members must be introduced to the company structure, objectives, procedures and their particular job duties. Second, existing team members must receive continuous education to develop and sharpen their skills and knowledge. The initial productivity of your new team members depends entirely upon their initial training. Both learning how to professionally and productively execute their job duties, as well as master effective sales techniques, requires comprehensive education. Trainings for supervisors and salespeople is the fastest way to raise productivity and improve the results of your team members.

Systematic employee development is the right path to company success

The most effective method of training sales managers and sales staff is interactive multimedia courses. A quality eLearning course will provide an online eLearning platform, the ability to create learning scenarios specific to your business, a learning platform which is both entertaining and engaging and comprehensive support during the training process.

Traditionally, developing electronic training courses has required considerable resources. From IT-specialists, course creators, content designers and business trainers, eCourses can be a major expense and take lengthy periods of time to develop. For this reason only large companies with immense financial resources were previously able to access the benefits of providing their teams with an eLearning education.

Modern advancements within the eLearning industry now enable smaller companies to access the benefits of an eLearning education. Dialogue simulator Quickskills is at the forefront of industry advancements. Our eLearning programs include training for managers, salespeople and other employees. Learning is conducted in a game format so employees are actively engaged as they learn critical job skills and techniques. Businesses appreciate how quick and cost-efficient developing on-the-job learning simulations and knowledge assessments can. Business owners and managers unfamiliar with Quickskills have been able to master the eLearning platform within only a couple hours, designing professional distance learning courses for their teams.

Training of employees through the Quickskills course creation platform

The Quickskills simulator allows course designers to create eLearning games for sales managers. Employees learn professional and optimal behavioural patterns for a variety of usual and unexpected job situations. The Quickskills eLearning presentation form differs fundamentally from standard training and testing methods. As the trainee becomes immersed in the learning process, s/he passes tasks which bring him/her to the next learning level. Interest is maintained while learning develops. Quickskills technology enables employees to enjoy learning in a stress-free environment.

Learning assessments are based on realistic scenarios applicable to your company. Creation of online courses are made according to the following format:

  • Identify those key skills which employees must possess
  • Identify those mistakes made most often by your firm’s management
  • Designate a main character for the game simulation
  • Designate a place of action for the eLearning plot to unfold
  • The course designer creates a plot which serves as the learning scenario. Within this scenario, the learner must demonstrate the necessary skills or make mistakes to be corrected within the assessment.
  • At every stage of the game scenario new variants of the plot progress, while correct reactions and professional behaviour are learned and assessed.
  • Game scenes connect to each other in sequential order, with learning tasks increasing in difficulty as trainees progress in their learning.

Upon completing the eLearning game simulation, trainees will receive a detailed report detailing their strengths, weaknesses and demonstrating their learning progress. Employers are encouraged to make use of these comprehensive analysis to help their team members achieve continued learning progress.


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